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About Tlou Managed Care

We are health management and consultants company. We deal with various health issues including HIV/AIDS, TB and STI Management. Our Services are as follows:

– Policies and Strategies consultants.
– Wellness Screening, including HIV Counselling & Testing.
– Training & Mentoring
– Monitoring, Evaluation and Research
– Case Management & Health Lines
– Health Advisers & Consultants

We develop and supply health promotion booklet/pamphlets.We also supply health promotion materials like T-shirts,Posters and Caps.To increase it’s revenues Tlou Managed Care is in a process ,registering with Council of Medical schemes as a Managed Care,in order to offer services like, health risk management and Health-line. We adhere to all necessary health legislation and protocols.

Our vision

We hope to achieve advanced , informed, appropriate health care services which are able to compete Internationally.


Tlou Managed Care aims at excellent quality of health services through an informed support to our clients.


Integrity, Focus
Consistency, Determination
Discipline, Responsibility, Innovation.

Quality Policy Statement

We provide excellent commendable services to our customers, and services which exceed customer expectation. We obtain feedback from our customers to ensure and maintain quality service. We monitor all the process to ensure that they are followed in order to provide customer satisfaction. Our great leadership ensure that the business prioritise the need of the customers and motivate or enforce an environment which is customer friendly. We are accessible to our suppliers and are ensuring good relationship to ensure continuous uninterrupted service to the customers. Workforce is continuously trained in an aim to provide professional and desired service to customers and staff members are encouraged to always focus on customers.

Our Objectives

  • To improve the quality of Health Services and to be a benchmark in our industry.
  • To increase employment rate and then the economy
  • To reduce risk related to communicable and non communicable diseases.
  • To increase awareness on health issues and increase active citizenship.
  • To increase uptake of health packages and to reach the demand generation.
  • To reduce the number of new HIV/AIDS,TB,and STI infections

About the Founder

The Founder of Tlou Managed care is Fridah Lesiba Chokoe. She has extensive experience in both public and Private sector. She Worked for Metropolitan Health Group, Medscheme and worked as a Project Manager in the Department of health .She holds a Nursing degree, Masters degree, Management Development Programme and more other Health and management Qualifications. She is a graduate of Africa Center for HIV/AIDS Management(University of Stellenbosch)

Our Support Team

Tlou Managed Care have a team of qualified skilled & experienced professionals.

Our staff have Masters degree in HIV/AIDS management and other qualifications related to the services we offer. We have staff from different health disciplines and other non Health Professionals.

Our staff have both private and public health sector experience and have worked in reputable companies.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

We have Social Responsibility Programmes, where we provide disease education to community and Schools. We also collaborate HIV/AIDS,TB and STI in our health education. Our weekly messages on social media are part of prevention campaigns to reduce the rate of new infections. We also provide free health advises to the public and refer them to the appropriate services when the need arise.